Monday, April 29, 2013

It's All Go


After the party once the guests leave,
the workers then set to and roll up their sleeves -
scrubbing the dishes or scraping the plates -
all of them in a row, next to their mates.
The washing up water sends up clouds of steam
and the washer-up wishes this was just a dream!

This week's Mag shows an illustration by Helen Ward, and I've played with a detail from it here, with thanks to the original artist and to Tess...and come next Friday, it will be fit for G-Man, as, including the title, it reaches the magic 55 number!


  1. Inventive, smart and quite well written.

  2. Number 29 already. But you're far from running out of steam!

  3. So intrigued by your adjustment to the the way you fiddle!

  4. Washing up has its own dismal camaraderie !, cheers Jinksy . The death of dinner gives rise to the birth of the dirty dishes and the realm of washing up

  5. Love when they clean up after themselves...

  6. Ah, yes, the dreaded clean-up after the party! Love the poem and the creative cropping.

  7. Oh, those wishy-washers...